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Alistair & Adelaide

I help in cocker spaniel rescue, and have 6 of the little darlings living in my house. *Actually, this is their place, and they allow me to stay, and buy their food"
Anyway, I also feed the feral cats in our neighborhood.
Needless to say, my cat hating dogs are not friendly with the homeless felines, and will kill one if ever given the chance.

About 4 week ago, I noticed that a gray and white cat I I had been feeding regularly, wasn't coming around anymore.
About A week later, 2 kittens show up, and one Looks exactly like the gray and white cat I was feeding. Apparently the G/W cat was their Mama, and she was either killed, or run over. Leaving these 2 kittens to fend for themselves.

They started living under our garage, and I was able feed them everyday away from the bigger cats they were having fight for food.
It took me over a week to get close enough to the male to feed him with a long handled spoon. A few days later I was able to hand feed him. When I was finally able to touch him, he seemed much less frightened of me.
Within 2 weeks I was able to pet him, and he would actually purr. A couple of days later I he allowed me to pick him up.
I was never able to lure the much smaller female close enough to me to ever touch her. I did however sneak up on her, and grabbed her. She panicked, spewed, spit fire, and wanted to claw me to death. I held her firmly, but gently, and sweet talked her, petted her, and after a few minutes, she calmed down and started purring.
She was covered in oil or grease, so I brought her in the house. I gave her a warm bath bath in Dawn Dish Detergent, dried her off, and put her under the bathroom sink on several cozy blankets. I went back out, and got the other one, cleaned him up as well, dried him off, and put him with his sister.
They slept for hours, totally content in their new cozy digs.
I have named them Alistair & Adelaide.
Adelaide, the Black/White female is MUCH smaller, and depends on her brother Alistair, for confidence. She is playful, but still leery of people. She will sit in your lap, if it's her idea, but still depends on Alistair for reassurance.
Alistair (gray/white) is a Clown!! It's all about play with him. He loves to be held, and will sit in your lap for hours.

They love people, but are very scared of dogs. And because my dogs hate cats, there is no way I can let them come in contact.

I have had them vetted, They are free from feline leukemia, had their first shots, have been wormed, and have a clean bill of health. They are litter trained,
I want them to go together. I will Not separate them. They have an unbreakable bond. I guess because they have had only each other to depend on for so long. They MUST be inside pets. They love the indoors, and because they were wild kittens, who knows what would happen to them, if they are thrown outside.

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Taken: October 18, 2009
Uploaded: October 24, 2009
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