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We adopted Wilbur on November 9, 2002. He was 12 weeks old, and full of energy. I've been told that the word "Tri" in Tri color Cockers, actually means "Try" your patience! And after adopting Wilbur, I believe it! He is the world worst at "going deaf" when he steps outside the door! He doesn't hear a thing. But no one can accuse Wilbur of not being the sweetest baby boy around. Click on all photos, to see a larger View of Wilbur.

Sadly, we lost our beautiful Wilbur Boy on March 21, 2009.
My heart is broken. My nerves are shattered, but my Wilbur is healthy, and running pain free at Rainbow Bridge.
Wilbur suffered terrible pain, and we tried so hard to save this beautiful, lovable lug of a Dog!
He tried so hard, but his little body had finally given up. I will always remember my beautiful boy. He is embedded in my heart, and there he will always be.
Wilbur was my first cocker, after losing Dutchess. He loved life, and adored all people. And although he was the most laid back, gentle dog we had here, Wilbur was the Alpha of the Dark Corner Cockers, and kept the pack together. He wasn't loud, or an aggressive leader, but he got his subtle message across, and the others respected him, but also adored him.

Wilbur's vital organs were shutting down, and even though surgery was necessary, it was too much for his body to recover from. As much as I loved that big beautiful lug, and wanted him to be here for several more years, I am so grateful he is no longer suffering. But still, I can't stop the tears from falling.

I give thanks to The Lord for allowing me to be home his last few weeks on Earth, to seek treatment for my Beautiful boy, and bond with him even more closely than we already were. And as hard as it was on both Wilbur and I, I am still thankful, he spent his last night here at home among those who loved him so dearly.

I also wanted to mention, His weight gain was due to a disorder.

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