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Great Friends - The University Of TN.Hospital - UT Bowld, Memphis, TN

Oh Gosh, I literally grew up here. 26 years at this hospital. Had MANY great friends. They came, they went. Some stayed in touch. We were small, but we were all "family". We actually spent more time with each other than with our "real" families. Had much sadness there among "our family", we managed to help each other through their time of need.We did the first heart & liver transplants in our region. (the operating room) We had such a good time, looking back on it now. Times were much different then. You could tell a joke and not be accused of "sexual harressment. I started working for UT in 1977 for the dept of Urology, transferred to the OR IN 1979.I did mostly Urology in the OR, but also did other services as well. I left the OR for a while to work in the GI lab.- left there and did Urodynamics (diagnostic bladder function test) I did Pelvic Floor Rehabilation with bio-feedback as well. I am gratefull for the opportunity to have worked in such a "state of the art facility" for 26 years. As the "death of the small hospital" era progressed, we too, got put to death. It was a very sad occasion, much of our "family" had already left, looking for a new beginning. I chose to hold out until the very end. I didn't want this to happen, and we had several "no goes" in the past. That is to say,there were other hospitals that were "taking us over" and the deal fell through. We lost many good nurses during these times. But, they were only doing the best thing for themselves and families. I too, began to look for employment elsewhere. I had been offered a job at the Veterans Hospital in Urology. Just so happened, I got a "breast cancer diagnosis" the very same week!! GOSH!! How lucky can one be?? Of course I couldn't accept the position, not knowing what was facing me. My DON, Roberta Mills suggested I go back to work in surgery as we still had several months before the hospital actually closed. The nurse manager,Bessie Baker was a gift from God. I will never forget what she did for me as long as I live. She allowed me to come back to the Operating Room, knowing what I was facing. I couldn't have asked for a more understanding and compassionate supervisor during my surgeries and breast cancer treatments. By her allowing me to come back to surgery meant I could use my accumulated sick time to cover my time off from work. She truly was a huge part of my survival during this time. For that, I will be eternally gratefull. Hope you enjoy the pics!!!

Folks At UT Bowld
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Being in Memphis, there were many more Afro-American employees than "honkies".Therefore, we created "WGNO" (white girls night out) Suzi Lyndsey- crazy-girl- great nurse( true story about Suzi. she was doing a surgical procedure where the surgeons were constantly asking for something...after gertting FED UP with their demands, she said, "why don't I stick a broom up my butt and sweep the floor too?" She was and still is a HOOT!! -- Paula Harget, (was the supervisor when I first came abord) Kerry Allen, left us early on!!! Becky Barnett, nurse anesthist-knew her stuff!!

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