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Our Home, Family & Pets

LynseyKay-Grand daughter & Ryan Rone (Grandson)
Ryan Rone, born March 12, 1898 in Lawrencebgurg,TN. Born ceserean and I was there. What a wonderful experience!Little sister,Lynsey Kay Jemison, born in Somerville,TN. July 6th.1998. Daughter of Sherri Michelle Garretson & Henry Hank Jemison. Sherri born to Jennifer Kay Riddle and Theodore Frankin Garretson.Sherri was born May 21, 1967 in Lawrenceburg, TN.Jen married Charles, Butch Newell in 1986. Butch became the father that wasn't there. Henry Hank Jemison, born Dec.17
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I was diagnosed Dec.2000.(what a memorable Christmas) 2 lumpectomies, chemo and radiation later, I am cancer free.
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Our Edgewater. Edgewater is the name of a Condo resort in Panama City Beach. We have spent many vacations there. I wanted to be there when I walked out my back door!!
Jul 30, 2002

These are pics of flowers, (luv to plant)our pool, some of "my babies" (statuary) and who knows,grandkids, family, friends,whatever!!

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The Riddle Side Of Our Family

Pics of my dad's side of the family. Riddle was my maiden name. My father,, Malcolm Jerome, was born in Loretto, TN., Sept 12, 1919. His parents were George Adam, & Katherine Beatrice.They married Oct.14, 1911.Her sister,Rose Teresa White,& John Riddle,his brother were witnesses to their marriage. They also were together to celebrate the 50th. wedding anniversary!! The Riddles migrated to the South from the Carolinas. My grmths maiden name was White. Her father was a doctor.

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