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Our new life...

We were in a horrible wreck in Canada moving from Southeast Alaska (Skagway) to Anchorage Ak. We were in a lite snow that covered the back of the truck in front of us. It just happened to be the U-Haul truck that we rented and our son Jared was driving it. The snow wasn't that bad and I didn't even have the truck in 4 wheel drive. We came around the corner and our son had been trying to signal that he was going to turn into a rest area. I didn't see the signals on the back of the Uhaul truck. At first I thought he was going to turn left into the rest area and the first thought was to go right to miss him. I didn't have time to go right so I looked and there was another vehicle coming in the left lane. Nora was yelling to slow down, SLOW DOWN!!! I looked at the speedometer and I was only going 40 mph. So I turned left thinking if he did turn in I would just bounce off the side of the truck.... He saw us coming and tried to speed up so we didn't hit him. I hit the truck just at the headlight on the passenger side. It was like a bomb went off. The next thing I saw heard was Nora saying she couldn't breath. I saw the glove box crushing her chest. I went into rescue mode and couldn't get out of the truck cause the driver side door was stuck because of the impact. I tried to brake the window with my elbow and then with my fist..... nothing worked. Our son Jared came running up and I said "Check on Nora" He freaked out and I said "Get my door open" He pried the door open some way and we went into rescue mode... We got a chain out of the back of the truck and backed the Uhaul truck up to the truck. The first thing was to get the door open and away from the truck. Then we wrapped the chain around the door post and with a few hard pulls got the dash away from Nora's chest. When we got access to her I saw her foot crushed. Her left wrist was broken. She was with us every second giving us directions.... God I love her strength. The angle on the road was an EMT from Anchorage that was going to New Mexico for something. I can't recall his name but he was calm and knew what he was doing. Other passers by came with blankets and were so much help... Mind you we are in western Canada on a road that is seldom traveled. Anyway, long story short Friday 13th of October we took 3 flights. From Beaver Creek, YT to Whitehorse to Anchorage to Seattle. We are still here in Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. 8 surgeries and a amputated right leg just below the knee and a broken pelvis in 3 places with screws and a plate in the center and a broken left wrist with a plate and pins holding her wrist together she is in great spirits. Her love for her art and the need to share of her art is keeping her alive and positive.... Thanks to all the prayers and loving family and friends... Thank you all.
This is our new journey and life in Alaska...

Update... Please share our link. We are now in Anchorage Alaska and starting therapy. Nora received her new leg today and is excited to get on with our new life.

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Nora 2017

Uploaded: November 10, 2017