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Kite I made or have...

Traditional kites from here and there...
Album was created 8 years ago and modified 8 years ago
Miniature Kites
Album was created 7 years 11 months ago and modified 7 years 11 months ago
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Kite Arch sails

Kites on my "autobiographical" arch. Each kite represents something important in one way or another in my life. People known, places traveled, books or movies enjoyed, activities with my kids -- most anything might be on here. A work in progress, and still growing -- there are currently 123 kites on the arch.

(Because the arch is made in sections, it might not be flying in the exact order depicted here, but kites near each other here will mostly be near each other when the arch is flown.)

Album was created 3 years 8 months ago and modified 3 months ago
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