The Firm Babes
Gorgeous women from The Firm video's
albums: 34
Jane Fonda Workout
Photo's of the sexy Jane Fonda and friends from her workout video's.
albums: 8
Magaret Richard
The sexy host of Body Electric.
albums: 3
Buns of Steel Babes
All of the hottest aerobics instructors from the hit video series "Buns of Steel".
albums: 12
Body Waves
An awesome aerobics show from the late 90's featuring Michelle Lemay, Brooke Morales, and Ensley Elsbach.
albums: 1
Call On Me (Live)

Some sexy shots of Deanne Berry in her thong leotard and the other girls from live performances of Call On Me.

Album was created 3 years 8 months ago and modified 10 months ago
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Denise Austin
Album was created 1 year 3 months ago and modified 1 year 3 months ago
Hooters Girls

Ah yes the fun and sexy women of Hooters!

Album was created 4 years 11 months ago and modified 5 months ago
June Jones

June Jones from Aerobics Oz Style in a shiny black leotard with tights.

Album was created 4 years 4 months ago and modified 1 year 2 months ago
Random Spandex, Leotards, Cheerleaders, etc.

Just some random pics of hot women.

Album was created 4 years 7 months ago and modified 4 days ago
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