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Sept & Oct 09

This september marks 2 years since my last relaxer. I've learned so much in these past 2 years... i still have much to learn though.
I'm excited to be at 24 months post relaxer but I'm in a hair rut...
Lately all i've been doing is twistouts.... somebody give me some new style ideas..!
I've also been itching to add some color to my hair.. I'm thinking copper (the color of a shiny new penny). I'm not sure if i'll follow through with this. The last time I added color I couldn't wait for it to grow out...
And my last issue is growth..
I feel as if my hair should be longer at this stage in my journey... idk. Maybe i'm being too hard on my hair. Nonetheless, I can't wait to achieve BSL length.
Anybody got tips?

don't even THINK about it

twist out

headed to the improv

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