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Weddings and Showers

Pictures from Our wedding and friends weddings.

Heidi and Daves Wedding

Heidi and Dave Fields and their beautiful Maui wedding, 2003

    Jennifer Jo's Baby Shower
    Jan 25, 2004

    Jennifer had her baby shower for Beatrice Catherine today. She had lots of guests and lots of presents!

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    Margaret and David's Wedding
    Nov 15, 2003

    Margaret and David were married at Chapman University Chapel. It rained that day, but everything was beautiful. The reception was at the Elks Club in Garden Grove.

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    Rennaissance Wedding
    Nov 22, 1998

    This is our album of wedding pictures from our beautiful wedding. It was held at Chapman College Chapel in Orange, California. The littlest girl is Kevin's daughter, Kenlee. The teenager is Kenlee's half-sister, (not Kevin's)Sarah Kelly.

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