State of Utah!
I currently reside in this state and plan to remain here the rest of my life. I am captivated by its beauty, climate and the friendliness of the people.
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State of Washington
I was a long-time resident of this state because I spent most of my working life of 33+ years with Weyerhaeuser Company there. I continue to have family ties and many good friends in western Washington.
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State of Oregon
I grew up and completed all my formal education here. I like to visit the state as frequently as time allows to see old friends and family.
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State of Arizona
I have family ties here. My mother and sister live in Lake Havasu City. I visit whenever I can.
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State of Nevada
This state is easy for me to visit now. I can drive to Las Vegas in two hours but spend little time there. I can get to Mesquite in 45 minutes and enjoy a buffet meal in one of the casinos from time to time. I keep getting held up by the one-armed bandits. I really should write a check to each casino I enter and drop it off at their front desk to save myself some time. They get it anyway.
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All photos taken in 2016

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