06/03/2009 Marble Canyon and Lees Ferry

These photos were taken on a day-trip to and back from Lees Ferry, a historical crossing on the Colorado River established by the Mormon pioneers to link Kanab, Utah with Flagstaff, Arizona. Northern Arizona (north of the Colorado River and Grand Canyon) was settled by the Mormons and widely used for grazing cattle. When the official line was drawn between Utah and Arizona, Utah lost the area as part of the state but it has and still is known as "The Arizona Strip" (a part of Arizona that would more reasonably been in the state of Utah had a more reasonable geographical line been drawn down the Colorado River separating the states. I found it interesting that the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers have placed a monument at Lees Ferry, a number of miles into Arizona. The Navajo Nation in Arizona includes much of the land east of the Colorado River. There is so much to see in this area that I will need to go back for perhaps two more days to see some more of it. This album has been completed and no more photos will be added.

© James W. Booher


Uploaded: June 08, 2009