12/10/2008 Church Rocks

This album of red sandstone erosion formations will either fascinate you as it does me or will bore you to tears if you don't find these intricate random creations interesting. My wife and I learned a valuable lesson this day (and night). I offered to let her take an unexplored shortcut trail to a place where I would drive to pick her up. I completed the long walk back to the car and drove to the meeting place but she was not there and it was dark with the nearly-full moon the only source of light. It turns out that I had inadvertently sent her into a situation where she "couldn't get there from there". After frantically searching for her in the dark for about an hour I gave up and drove the 7 miles home to call 911 (I had forgotten to take the cell phone). In less than 5 minutes I received a call back that she also had called 911. They made the connection between our stories and I was given an address to pick her up at. After an ordeal of driving wandering streets in an area I was completely unfamiliar with I finally found the address and we drove home. The lesson here was to not make assumptions about shortcut routes and only separate when there are no unknowns. She had done the right things in reacting to the situation, walked a long ways from Grapevine Wash to Coral Canyon with only the moon to light the way and found some wonderful people who would allow her to come into their home and use their telephone. This ordeal is over and the album has been completed and no more photos will be added.

©2008 James W. Booher


Uploaded: December 15, 2008