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11/01/2009 A Short Visit to Paradise Canyon, Saint George, Utah

I parked in the Paradise Canyon Housing Development at a place where signs indicated that non-residents' cars would be towed and went ahead and hiked up the trail. I soon realized that there was another way in with a public parking lot. I uneasily took in a few photos before returning quickly to the car. I met a "resident" on the trail back and he indicated that the signs were there to be able to remove vehicles that over-extended their welcome and we were safe from towing. Being already nearly back to the car he told me about a petroglyph site on the Arizona Strip, a short drive from here so I drove there and the rest of the day was spent at the BLM Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site South of St. George in Arizona (see that album). I will spend more time here in Paradise Canyon on a future date. This album has been completed and no more photos will be added.

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