11/08/2005 Upper Timber Creek

I spent this day further up the Upper timber Creek Canyon. It started out poorly when I dropped my camera and case in the creek. I got it out as quickly as possible. The bag had filled with water in that short time but I immediately got the camera out and opened up the battery compartment and the memory card slot. I removed the memory card and wiped off the contacts, dumped the batteries and dried that compartment. The air was dry so I let the camers sit for about 1/2 hour and decided to try it. After some nervous re-assembly I powered up and it worked. It had not been in the water long enough to soak into the works of the camera. This Konica Minolta S2 3.1 MP camera did not fail me even after this mal-treatment. Sigh of relief! This album has been revised somewhat on May 4, 2012, is complete, and no more photos will be added.

©2005 James W. Booher


Uploaded: May 04, 2012