11/18/2005 Kolob Arch

This day I decided to hike further down the Timber Creek Trail to the La Verkin Creek Trail and up the short Kolob Arch Trail to the Arch. This tiring 13-mile round trip hike took me all day but was satisfying in that I was finally able to see Kolob Arch. The distance to the Hop Valley Trailhead on Kolob Terrace Road on a through trip was the same but I was not able to arrange for another car on the other end so I backtracked the way I had come. I have yet to do the remainder of that route (the Hop Valley Trail) but when I do, the resulting photos will be in the Kolob Terrace Road entrance folder. This album has been revised on 05/27/2012 and no more photos will be added.

©2005 James W. Booher


Uploaded: May 27, 2012