04/12/2005 East Rim Trail

This East Rim Trailhead is close to the East Entrance to Zion National Park, Utah. When I left the trailhead on the East Plateau Trail shortly after daybreak it was very cold (near freezing) but as the morning progressed it got quite comfortable. The trail passes by Jolley Gulch Falls which is a very high falls but there is only one way to get a picture of the entire falls including the bottom - by air at a certain angle. The vegetation on the upper part of the trail had been burned recently and many of the trees had been killed and others were still in the process of dying. The snow drifts on the trail made the going miserable so I decided to suspend the hike near the junction of the Cable Mountain and Deertrap Mountain Trails and walked the five miles back to the car. I finished the day off taking some photos in the vicinity of Highway 9 east of the tunnel on the way home. This album has been completed and no more photos will be added.

©2005 James W. Booher


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