Day 3

Today we drove south to drive through The Avenue of the Giants. If you have never been on this drive, you are really missing one of God's greatest gifts to us...the giant Coastal Sequoias. These trees are over 300 ft. tall and average 12 ft. in diameter. They are over 2000 years old, so remember, they were here when Jesus walked the earth.

After we returned to Ferndale, I walked around and took some photos of the homes and buildings here in town. For those of you not familiar with Ferndale, CA it was the town of Cedar Creek, CA in the movie "Outbreak" starring Dustin Hoffman and about 80% of the movie was filmed here. It was also the town of Lawson, CA in the movie "The Majestic" starring Jim Carrey. Also, for those of you who watch The Food Network, Ferndale is the hometown of Guy Fieri.