8-Women 4

8 MegaPixel digital files approx 2 MB are
1 for $8, 3 for $20
If you are interested post a comment
and I will contact you

  • Betsy Kogan (Private)
    6 years 2 months ago
    Hi Kenny, I am interested in purchasing some digital files for the Artic Ave Crit (Womens Cat 4) back in March. I am having a hard time deciding between a few photos as I am not sure how to zoom in more. The images that interest me are:09-1961 or 1962; 2009 or 2010; and then whichever you think is best between 2042 and 2048. I am wearing the Black/White/Red NOW kit with red and white helmet and long brown ponytail. I appreciate you sharing your professional opinion on selecting the best photos. I think three images should be enough.

    Please feel free to contact by phone as well...whichever is easier for you.

    Many thanks, Betsy