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Davis coupe 482AE139 - #13, 1948

Davis coupe 483AE139 is currently the highest serial numbered Davis car known to exist. It was built in Van Nuys, California, and in the bankrupcy of the Davis Company (around 1949 or 1950), this car was awarded to Rocky Mountain Region distributor, Blaine Evans, Of Golden, Colorado, along with Davis coupe #4, serial #482E49 (currently in 2010 AD owned by the Petersen Auto Museum in Los Angeles, along with Davis coupe # 482E129 (number theorized by me, Thomas J. Wilson, founder, Davis registry- based on design and engineering changes - car has missing serial # tag), and Davis military vehicle #494X2, the SECOND of three Davis military vehicles built. The Award to Evans, handed down by bankrupcy court in County of Los Angeles, California, was in recognition, of Evan's having been the largest single franchise purchaser, believed to be $25,000.00 in 1949 dollars! To the best of my knowledge, the "#12 car" is in Florida, purchased by its present owner in Colorado at an estate sale with its removable top missing. The Davis military vehicle, #494X2, was purchased by a Colorado military-vehicle collector, and once been featured in a mililtary-vehicle magazine. Davis coupe #13, was was purchased by me (Tom Wilson) in 1989 from Mr. Jerry Peters, who was executor for the Blaine Evans estate, and awarded this car for his services. I paid Jerry $5000.00 for the car, and tow-barred it to my home in Michigan with a 1978 Llincoln Versailles. The restoration of green #13 took place between 1989 and 1995 at my home in the Ypsilanti area of Michigan. The car is currently insured with Hagerty Insurance, of Traverse City, Michigan, for $67,000.00. It remains my most treasured historical automobile. Learn more about Davis cars and military vehicles by websearching "Davis Registry" or going to Thank you for your interest in Davis Cars!


DAVIS NO 13, right rear inside up

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