HAMS 2015 August
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International Trucks
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1/16th Scale Models

Here some of my 1/16 Scale big rigs and cars (Soon to come)....I've having a lot of fun with these large scale models....Just to much fun....

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Trucks I've Seen Around Town

This is just a compilation of pictures I've taken around Houston and the surrounding area..My work takes me all over the place down here, and I get to see some pretty good stuff...

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Bill Elliot Race Rig

Well, this bad boy is finally finished..It was quite a bit of fun putting this baby together...Even the stock car went together pretty good, especially considering I hadn't even attempted to build one in over 25 years..The last one I tried to build, I think I was 10 or 11 years old....Hope you like this build...Enjoy the pictures...I certainly evjoyed building it...

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Stuff I'm working on...Although most have probably been completed by now..

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These are my Kenworths that have been built over the years...One was thrown away by my X-wife and another of a K-100 flatbed that I sold...I'm still trying to find those pics...When I do, Y'all will be the first to know....But I've been building a few, lately.....I'm hoping to get more, soon....

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Purple Western Star

This is my purple creation...Somehow, I like this better than the kit version...I had to stretch the frame and lengthen the trailer....Purple is my favorite color, so that's what I painted it.....

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Western Star/Mercedez

I built the Western Star model in the usual "design as I go" method...I wasn't sure how much to extend the chassis or what I would do for wheel arches, but, with some help from the old parts box, I think I got something...The trailer is an extended version of the same one pictured with the Mercedez...I like building those...Takes two of them to make one 53 footer, though....With a lot left over...
The Actros was built mostly box stock with the only real problem being that the cab wouldn't sit level when closed, so I just glued the dern thing to the chassis...Solved that problem real quick...Other than that, I think it came out good, too...

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My Other Western Stars

I like the Western Stars...They are some of the most "rough and ready" looking rigs out there..For a while it just looked as if aerodynamics was a total after thought, but then the 5964 SS came out, and what a nice design...Looks good, I think...

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Well, here are a few of the various trailers that I've put together over the years...I've had an extra special time building these...There are so many possibilities when building trailers...I never know what I'm gonna end up with...It's like the icing on the cake..After spending a couple weeks to a few months building a truck, it's nice to be able to whip up a nice trailer to go along with it in just a couple of days....

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The FLD is one of my favorite American rigs...Before this truck, there was almost no attention paid to aerodynamics in the trucking industry..Well, not in the US, anyway....They introduced the idea of putting fairings over the fuel tanks and stuff...I like it...I'll have an FLC coming soon..

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Ahh, the Peterbilts....Love 'em...One of these days I'm gonna build a 379...It's the whole "gotta scratch build everything" thing...It doesn't look that hard, but, I guess I just don't want to screw it up....But if You want a 379, it's the only way to get one...Amazing, as popular as that rig is, no one builds a kit for it...One that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for, anyway...And for that matter, the 387 or 386...Good Gravy, man!!!....I know that you can get resins and crap, but I'm just too poor for that stuff...Thanks, anyway, Aftermarket...

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Euro Rigs (My Favorite)

I do love European style cabovers...Man You guys pack a lot of engineering into these babies...The aerodynamics, ergonomics and sleek styling go far beyond what you'd see in a typical American version of a cabover..With the exception of the Freightliner Argosy, that is...But even then, it's the ONLY one...You guys have several to choose from...Not exactly how driver safety is addressed in these puppies, but they sure do look sharp...

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Ford Aeromax

The red & white Aeromax pictured has a special meaning for me...(which is why there so many shots of it).... It was the VERY first Italeri/Revell model I had ever assembled....It was love at first sight....Never had any model gone together so well...I had only built AMT models up to that point and was less than impressed...This model made me realize that big rigs was what I wanted to do...That was about 15 years ago...It's survived three wives and several girlfriends....It's older than 3 of my kids...Amazing that it's still around...
The blue wrecker was stolen about 10 years ago, but I did aquire another wrecker body to hopefully build another one soon....
The one with the 57' trailer was thrown away by one of my X girlfriends, and I hope to have a few more shots of the brown and tan race rig in the display case soon...I just keep forgetting to bring it home with me when I leave the warehouse...

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Volvo Rigs

Volvos...I do like the design of these rigs...Aestheticly, they are just beautiful to me...The most attractive rigs out there....Here or abroad...I just love 'em..

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My Models
May 18, 2010

Just a few views of my garage and the models...I have a display case with about 6 or 7 rigs and maybe 30 cars at my dad's warehouse....I'll have a few pictures of them soon....

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Me and Friends

Just a few photos of me and my wife out and about with some friends and my kids..

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