Bohemian Routine

So I decided to try the Bohemian Routine (from Jazzi's album). Why? Mainly b/c I had to apply Surge twice a day. Appling the liquid spray to my scalp, essentially wet my entire head b/c of the short length. So everyday... twice a day... I was wasting my styling products (& curly pudding is expensive!). Anywhooo, I love Jazzi's hair, so I figured that I should try it . I'll probably do this until I'm finished with the challenge in the middle of May. I can't wait until I'm done!!


UPDATE: 5/11 - I stopped the Bohemian routine b/c of the stupid Surge. Since my hair is so short, the spray essentially wet everything. Part of the Bohemian routine is to leave your hair alone after it's wet. But I had to disturb my hair to expose the scalp -everyday my hair would end up in a mess. So I've worn wraps most of the month. I will try the Bohemian routine again in either in June or July to see if it will work for me.

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