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Dresses for rent and sale

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Dresses Available for Rent OR Sale
All the rental gowns are also available for purchase. You can also see additional information at:
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Latin Dresses
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Gowns Above $1600
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Gowns Under $1600
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Gowns Under $1100
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Julia Ivleva Gowns

I am selling all the gowns of Julia Ivleva for her husband Igor. Talk to me about the prices of any gown you may be interested in.

Julia was 5'5'' and slender, most of them are size 2-6 some have a bigger range and are a bit bigger.

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SOLD gowns with tracking

All the gowns here have a tracking number which I can use to contact the person who purchased them. You can talk to me about any of those gowns and I can find out if they are still available. Just give me the dress number :)

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SOLD GOWNS - No tracking

Photos of gowns sold till Feb 2008
there is a chance i might still be in touch with the person who purchased the gown so if you see something you like you can always ask me, I might be able to find out if its available for sale. i have contact infor for all the gowns with B#### next to them. you can refer to ### if you want me to inquire about availability of the dress

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