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Permed days
I had a perm. I had been perming my hair since I was like 9 or 10, can't remember why. I remember the last time I had natural hair I was 8 and in nigeria. My hair was thick and long and always in braids but then I got these wicked boils around my hair line because of really tight braids and whined and whined to my mother to cut it off...she did :). I loved it until I came to the U.S. and realized short hair was not the most revered thing to have so I started growing it out. The most length I've had while permed happened while during my first year in college...got 2 inches past my shoulders. Then I started finding out about natural hair and decided it was time to add a new chapter to my life. :)
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So...I went through with it. I am not feeling too remorseful about my hair going. I was taking out my kinky twists and cutting at the same time. Then I headed for the barbershop. I got anxious and scrapped the October plan
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The Beginning of a Good Thing
This folder will detail year one. regimen: sporadic... lol
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