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Thanks so much to BROADLEAF for sponsering my account and allowing me to stay open.
Fact. Jason & Elizabeth are my very favouritte GH characters and will be focussed heavily upon, in my screencaptures. Spammy and Doofus (unlucky--not so much, Please stop asking for more pics of them---not gonna happen! Thanking everyone wlae for yout generousity and wonderful comments!

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August 2009
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July 2009
Daily GH albums will be temporarily private. I am trying to get a fix on just how many people are viewing/using my snaps, so please drop by the current recap thread @ LG2 ( daily to pick up the new password and post once or twice letting me know you appreciate the screencaps and what site you are from. The password will change daily, so come see us frequently! Thanks so much everyone!
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June 2009
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