I'm Natural Again!
July 29, 2012 hello fello fotkians! i'm back! i have been on a long break since joining the Navy and going on deployment. now i am back in the states and ready to start playing in my hair again! yay! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- fully natural 2/10/2010, after 12 months of frustrating transitioning. this folder will contain all of my natural hair trials from here on forward.
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Learning How to Style
me learning how to braid and twist on my mannequin head and on my real hair
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long-term transitioner
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Weight Loss
plan of action: -at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, which include running, The FIRM, and Jillian Michaels (occasionally). -fast food only once a week
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Year One
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Relaxed hair in 2007
Jul 23, 2007

I took most of these pics a week to a couple of days before my hair broke off.

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