April 2010; Month 2

i am so annoyed with my hair. i must be super style challenged because most of my styles are epic fails! twists-bust. twistouts-bust. braidouts-bust. bantu knot out-bust. LOL. yal get the picture. the only time my hair looks good is when i do a wash n' go, or a puff, which can get boring. i don't know what to do. help me out yal.

the only good thing about this month is that i've found a good moisturizer- Qhemet BRBC and HE LTR leave-in. also, i really am falling in love with Giovanni Smooth As Silk conditioner. it really lives up to its name.

my edges

my edges

....... i should really try to feel those in.

Taken: April 02, 2010
Uploaded: April 26, 2010
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