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3 Months Post Chop

May 2009:
My Hair Regime:
~I wash my hair once a week.
~I co-wash with Aubrey's Honey Suckle Rose conditioner. I used to shampoo my hair with Aubrey's Island Naturals and Honey Suckle Rose shampoo every 2 months but they both made my hair feel stiff so I stopped using them. I'm still looking for a great all natural shampoo.
~I don't wash my hair in braids anymore. I wash my hair in four sections. One section at a time. It doesn't tangle as much this way.
~After co-washing, I spray my hair with a Vegetable Glycerin and water mix, Giovanni's leave-in conditioner, and I seal it with Coconut Oil.
~I only comb my hair after I wash it and it is still wet.
~I deep condition my hair weekly with Aubrey's Glycogen Protein Conditioner. Most of the time I wear three plastic caps with a stocking cap to bed for an overnight conditioning. I usually do this on Fridays and rinse my hair when I wake up and then I'll twist it. If I don't have time to do an overnight conditioning or I'm out of the Glycogen Protein Conditioner, I'll use the Honey Suckle Rose and wear a plastic cap for an hour or however much time I have to spare.
~I twist my hair after I wash it. It dries overnight and I wear a braid out throughout the week. I usually re-twist the top or front at night. Sometimes I don't and I wear a satin cap over it. I am going to try to wear my twists longer. Maybe a week or two at a time to allow my hair to rest.
~I use coconut oil on the ends of my hair daily sometimes twice a day.
~I only use all natural products or products that are at least 98% natural. I order mostly from

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