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Garv Christmas

Signature tag created by DymunArt™ Creations
Art © Kieth Garvey

  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    8 years ago
    kggc debilee
    Ohhhh thank you so much - I adore this tag too.. off to do some snags too!
  • Phylis (Private)
    8 years ago
    kggc awesome
    snagged ...... thanks much
  • Barb (Private)
    8 years ago
    kggc barbara
    Awesome Lil! thank you.
  • Mary (Private)
    8 years ago
    kggc mary
    Awesome tag.. TY Mary PS: How did you do the animation on this tag...?
  • Teresa (Private)
    8 years ago
    kggc teresavtd
    Thank you so much Lil for making this great tag for me. :)