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Baking Soda Deep Treatmeant!! Highy recommended for transitioners and stretchers!!

This method was brought to my attention by a member on BHM. I figured that since I cant get good use from some of my old and least fav DC's , I should just try this to get what I need (moisture) out. them. Its a good clarifier as well.

The baking soda basically lifts cuticles, allowing moisture to get nto hair.

. I recommend doing this bi weekly to once a month, because if you use this to much can end up drying out your hair.

I must warn you that you dont leave this on for a long time, because it is an alkaline(which opens up hair cuticles). I left mine in for 1hr and 15 mins tops.Do not rub this in because you can end up burning your scalp and skin.

So after you this you can expect less bulkiness, a looser texture, or hair that is just super soft and easy to comb through.

This stuff gave my curls a lil definition alone.
Plz do not touch w/out asking

This stuff gave my curls a lil definition alone.

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Uploaded: May 16, 2009