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This season has been really weird, it hasnt been so cold out, so it hasnt had any effect on my hair...Ive been consistent with my remigen and my hair feels great so far....For the past two weeks Ive actually simpled down the products I use...its been alo about Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Gel...Ive discovered that even though its a tad bit heavy , shea butter is a great moisturizer/sealent, when applied straight....


Jan. 6th 2009 ...time for am aphogee treatment, and trim...I want to start of this year with strong, and healthy strands....

Umm , you see, what had happen was....
Plz do not touch w/out asking

Umm , you see, what had happen was....

The lil mofo's did not wanna stay!!!....On day 2 I pep'd that a few wanted to unravel at the roots , no biggie , I just twisted them back three: i slept with them in a pony tail, I take it down in th morning and the twist in the middle dedided to completely unravel!!!!.....there was no point in tryna hold on to them for a week because if I were to co wash them , they probably would of came out......=/

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