Monday April 12, 2010

Dante disrupts the courtroom when he demands Claire stop questioning Morgan, accusing her of trying to bully a child into implicating his own father. The judge orders Dante to be arrested and tossed in jail for contempt, but he also orders the questioning of Morgan to stop. A protective Carly ushers Morgan out of the courtroom and later confronts Jax. Sonny visits a jailed Dante and suggests he walk away from the hypocrisy of law enforcement. Dante refuses to abandon his principles but later admits to Lulu he had already had the same thoughts as Sonny. Claire offers to make a deal with Sonny.

Alexis confesses to Mac that she’s the one who hit Kiefer with her car. Mac arrests Alexis but immediately releases her on her own recognizance, promising to put this matter behind them as quickly as possible. Melinda, Kiefer’s mother, lashes out at both Kristina and Alexis.

Ethan’s fed up that Lucky always thinks the worst of him. Luke wonders if Lucky carries a grudge against Ethan because he’s a reminder of Luke having failed Laura.


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