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Friday April 22, 2011

At the police station Ronnie continues to pressure Michael into confessing to the murder of Brandon. He tells Michael that he could save them all a lot of time if Michael just confesses. Jason and Dante arrive as Diane points out that the cell phone footage of Michael and Brandon doesn't actually show Michael holding a gun; it's filmed from the back, so there is no clear shot of Michael's face. Dante orders Michael's release, which causes Ronnie to warn him to stay out of this. Dante could be accused of covering for Michael, and thus lose his badge.

Jason brings Michael to his place where he asks Michael yet again if he shot Brandon to protect Abby. Michael swears he didn't, nor is he covering for Abby. Annoyed Michael turns to leave. He reiterates that Abby didn't kill Brandon and he is not taking the fall to protect her. Michael reminds Jason that he is only doing what Jason would do and storms out.

Carly finds Sam crying at Kelly's and assumes that Sam learned she can't have children. Sam tries her eyes and explains her tears are those of happiness and surprise. Her test results show that she has more than a 50 percent chance of carrying a child to full term! Carly is thrilled and gushes how Sam having a baby will help Jason to heal, blah, blah. Sam returns to Jason's penthouse where Jason is haunted by Michael's words. She announces that she can have a baby, but is Jason having second thoughts?

Dante pays Abby a not so nice visit where he basically accuses her of murdering Brandon and letting Michael take the fall to protect her. Insulted Abby denies doing such a thing, but Dante remains convinced that there is more that Abby is not saying. Dante vows to protect Michael; he will not let his brother go down for something he did not do! Later Michael returns and he compare notes with Abby. Ronnie arrives, interrupting them. Guess what he has? An arrest warrant!

Sonny arrives home to find Jax telling Brenda that Lucian will never be safe living in Sonny's world. Jax cites what happened to Michael; he hopes Lucian never has to go through what his step-son has gone through. Offended Sonny rips into Jax for upsetting Brenda, who kicks Jax's out. Sonny then heads to Pentonville to visit Anthony where he issues a warning: Don't encourage Johnny to recruit Michael or there will be help to pay! Anthony feigns ignorance as he plays with his prized plant named "Claudia," but that doesn't stop Sonny from destroying Anthony's plant when Anthony insults him. Later Dante arrives, per Sonny's summons and Sonny asks him to get rid of any evidence that may tie Michael to Brandon's murder. When Dante refuses, Sonny reminds him that it was because of Dante's devotion to the system that landed Michael in jail in the first place. Is Dante ready to let that happen again?

Johnny listens as Lulu continues to beg him to leave Michael out of his war with Sonny. Johnny defends his interest in Michael saying both he and Michael grew up in the mob world. They don't know anything else, so why wouldn't Johnny offer a job to Michael? Lulu appeals to Johnny's softer side; she knows that deep inside, he is simply a lost soul. It may be too late for Johnny, but it's not too late for Michael! Later Lulu arrives to Carly at Kelly's where she tells her cousin about her disappointing talk with Johnny. After Lulu leaves, Carly sits for a while lost in thought. Jax arrives and he tells Carly about his conversation with Brenda. Carly is sad; she can't disagree with Jax. No kid is really safe in Sonny's world.

Back at Sonny's house Brenda becomes irate when Diane arrives to talk to Sonny about Michael, but refuses to divulge any information to Brenda. She further incurs Brenda's wrath when she says that Carly has a right to know, but Brenda does not. Later Diane tells Sonny about Brenda's upset and Sonny assures that he will handle her. Right now he needs Diane to tell him what happened at the police station. When Diane tells Sonny about the footage of Michael and Brandon, Sonny vows to make sure Michael does not get arrested.

Johnny arrives home to find his dad making himself comfortable in the penthouse. Anthony announces he got out of prison -- and he is home to stay!

Kristina finds Ethan sitting dejectedly at the docks. Ethan reveals that Maya went home to Philadelphia for a family emergency, but she refused to tell Ethan what it was. She also didn't want Ethan to accompany her. Kristina hides her delight that Maya left town as Ethan wonders if Maya didn't tell her family that she got married. Kristina thinks that it would be horrible if Maya was ashamed of him; he is all kinds of awesome! However she guesses that the Ward's would be upset to learn if Maya got drunk and married. Alexis would kill her if she ever did that. Ethan smiles; he will make sure Kristina never gets herself in that situation.


CATV 8 20110422 1415(2)

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Uploaded: April 23, 2011