Friday April 29, 2011 *Prince William & Kate Middleton Got Married*

Weary from Luke's intervention Sonny returns home to find Suzanne chatting happily with Brenda. Brenda greets Sonny and tells him that she plans to have a DNA test to determine if Lucian is really her son. That way Sonny won't have an excuse to keep his distance. Sonny makes it clear that he will accept Lucian, but he will never trust Suzanne. Suzanne announces that she plans to resume work for ASEC soon, so she will be out of their hair. After she leaves, Brenda gets tearful and admits it hurts her that Sonny won't spend any time with Lucian. Sonny does his best to comfort and reassure Brenda as Suzanne listens from the doorway.

Abby, Michael, Jason and Dante return to Abby's apartment. We learn that Jason posted bail for Abby and has hired Diane to be her lawyer. Dante reminds them that there still may be a trial since there is an eyewitness by the name of Lance Hendrickson. Abby recognizes that name; he is a regular at the strip club! Jason plans to find out more about this guy and leaves. Dante turns to go, but thinks Michael should come home with him. Michael protests, but Abby promises Michael that she will be okay.

Sonny stops by Abby's place to ask the girl to stay away from Michael until this whole Brandon mess is over. Naturally Abby disagrees and decides to tell Michael about this. If Michael wants her to stay away, then so be it, but it has to be his decision, not anyone else's. Upset Sonny calls Dante, who agrees with him. It would be best for Michael to stay from Abby right now. Later Michael arrives to have both his big brother and dad gang up on him. Unfortunately Michael is as stubborn as his dad and refuses to break up with Abby. Sonny shakes his head. Michael says that like he has a choice!

Lisa arrives at Johnny's penthouse to surprise him with herself in her underwear. Unfortunately Johnny is not home, but Anthony is! Anthony leers at Lisa and informs her that he knows all about her. He admires how far she is willing to go to get what she wants (i.e., the cheating, lying, etc.). She reminds him of his daughter Claudia! Johnny returns, giving Lisa the chance to escape. Naturally Johnny is upset to find Anthony gushing about Lisa's beauty. Johnny interrupts Anthony; he knows his dad is up to something!

Robin and Patrick give Kristina some last minute instructions before they head out for the night. After they leave, Kristina gets a call from her friend Chelsea, who excitedly announces she got into Yale. Kristina congratulates her friend, but it's clear she is upset. She grabs one of Lisa's pills and downs it with a huge glass of water. Later Kristina calls Lisa, who arrives with more pills. Soon Kristina becomes sleepy and passes out, much to Lisa's delight.

Maxie visits Sam and asks her to come for drinks with her and Matt. Sam declines, explaining she is having a fertility reconstruction procedure tomorrow. Maxie eyes Sam; is it wise to have a baby so soon after Jake's death? Do Sam and Jason really want to give up the life they currently lead for a baby? Later Jason returns home and Maxie advises him to reconsider having a baby right now. Sam, who was listening from upstairs, approaches Jason and he asks her if she is sure about having a baby. He wants to make sure this is what she wants and that she is not doing this to help him heal from Jake's death.

At Jake's Matt sympathizes with Coleman about their high maintenance ladies (Maxie and Kate). Maxie arrives to plant a huge kiss on Matt. Soon they are joined by Robin and Patrick for a lively game of darts. Unfortunately their game is interrupted when Patrick gets paged by the hospital. So Robin heads to Kelly's to have ice cream with Brenda and Lucian. (Hmm, so it's okay for Robin to meet Lucian, but not Kristina, Michael or Morgan, who are Lucian's step-siblings?) As Brenda and Robin chat, Lucian goes to look at the jukebox. Brenda turns and panics when she sees that Lucian is no longer there. Uh-oh!

Jason returns to Abby's place where they talk about Sonny's request that she stays away from Michael. When Abby mentions how helpful Johnny has been to her and Michael and that Johnny had mentioned it is nice when a Corinthos owes you a favor, Jason flips out. He storms over to Johnny's where he accuses Johnny of orchestrating Brandon's murder and then helping Michael and Abby to make Michael feel indebted to him. Jason reminds Johnny that Claudia put Michael in a coma for a year; Johnny owes Michael more than this! Anthony listens from the stairwell holding an orchid. Hm, we wonder what he is thinking now.


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