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Monday April 18, 2011

At the Metro Court Sonny demands to know what Suzanne's agenda is. Suzanne insists she brought Lucian to Brenda to make peace, but Sonny wonders what is in it for Suzanne. Why would she make friends with her son's killer? (Good question!)

At Sonny's house Michael tells Brenda what it was like growing up with Sonny. Sure, it was strange having guards around 24/7, but Sonny was a good dad. Brenda wonders if things would've been better if Carly was a better partner to Sonny. Michael defends his mom; the stuff that happened to him wasn't because of Carly and Sonny. He says that Carly always put her kids first. Touched Brenda hopes that Lucian will talk about her like that someday.

Sonny returns home where he tells Brenda about his visit to Suzanne. Brenda fumes when Sonny speculates that Suzanne has an agenda. She accuses Sonny of not wanting Lucian around; if that is the case, she will take her son and leave! Sonny assures Brenda that he loves her and that means Lucian, too. He will do his best to protect Lucian. Brenda admits she just wants Sonny to love her son as much as she does! Meanwhile Suzanne makes a cryptic call to someone. She asks how "he" is and to tell "him" that "his grandma" will be home for good soon.

At Jason's penthouse Jason tells Sam how much he regrets giving Jake up. Bad things happen and they are out of people's control. He should have made the most of the time he had with Jake. Sam reminds Jason that he wanted Jake to have a normal life. That was love. Sam continues to comfort Jason, but eventually has to meet with a client and leaves. Later Michael arrives and sees Sam's fertility reconstruction pamphlet. Are Sam and Jason going to have a baby? Jason admits that Carly would love that. Michael wants to know what Jason thinks. Jason says it was wonderful helping to raise Michael. Michael thinks Jason would be a great dad -- and he would know! Sam returns home where she finds Jason looking at the fertility stuff. She begins to apologize, but Jason stops her. They've been talking so much lately and he knows she said she wasn't interested, but has anything changed? Sam admits a part of her wishes Carly was right and that she could fix everything by having a baby.

Elizabeth arrives at Lucky's place just in time to overhear Lucky gush how grateful he is to Nikolas for his support right now. Elizabeth tries to tell the men about Aidan's true paternity, but chickens out. She asks Lucky to forgive her instead for not seeing Jake run out the door. Lucky says all they can do is forgive what they can and deal with the rest. He apologizes for not being around as Elizabeth says she needs to go. Nikolas moves toward Elizabeth; he'll take her home. Later Siobhan arrives and takes Lucky for a hike to cheer him up. When they return, Lucky admits the hike was what he needed and kisses Siobhan.

Maxie arrives at Elizabeth's where she sees Nikolas and assumes Elizabeth told Nikolas about Aidan's true paternity. Maxie, realizing her gaffe, covers for Elizabeth. Nikolas leaves to spend time with Aidan as Elizabeth admits to Maxie that she couldn't tell Lucky and Nikolas right now -- not when they are leaning on each other! Later Nikolas returns to tell Elizabeth to have some spa time; he has the boys. Touched Elizabeth says Nikolas is a good dad, who replies that Spencer and Aidan are the best things that ever happened to him. As Elizabeth goes to get them some wine, Nikolas finds Aidan's paternity test. When Elizabeth returns, she freezes. She can explain ... Nikolas cuts her off. He holds the envelope up. This says it all.

Maxie heads straight home where she confides in Matt about Aidan's paternity results. Lucky deserves to know the truth! Matt urges Maxie to keep quiet; this is Elizabeth's secret to tell.

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