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Monday April 25, 2011

Dante is outraged when Sonny orders him to tamper with evidence and make sure Michael is not found guilty of Brandon's murder. Dante reminds Sonny that the judge threw Michael in jail to teach Sonny a lesson. Sonny doesn't care; Dante needs to protect Michael and make sure he doesn't return to prison. Dante refuses to throw his career away and accuses Sonny of teaching Michael that he is above the law. He believes Michael is innocent and intends to prove it.

Sam excitedly tells Jason that her chances of carrying a baby to full-term are great. Her face falls when Jason says he is happy for her and wants her to have a baby, but is she sure she wants one with him? Sam makes it clear she would choose Jason over her dream of having a family some day. Jason worries about messing up another kid's life; look at what happened to Michael! Sam assures Jason that while the mob business may be corrupt, he is not. He is the one who taught Michael right from wrong! Jason turns to Sam and sadly says he is afraid of what might happen if he gives into his grief for Jake. Basically it sounds like Jason believes having a child is not right thing to do right now.

Both Abby and Michael are shocked when Ronnie arrests Abby for Brandon's murder. Abby urges Michael to stay calm and goes meekly with Ronnie. Alone Michael smashes a couple of things upset. Later Michael waits with Abby at the police station as Jason arrives. Ronnie taunts Abby until Michael almost loses it. Fortunately Jason stops him and warns Michael not to give Ronnie a reason to arrest him. Dante arrives and demands an explanation from Ronnie, who admits he was hoping to pin this whole thing on Jason, not Dante's brother or Abby. Abby urges Michael to go home, but Michael doesn't want her to spend the night in jail. Michael confronts Dante, who says there isn't much he can do to help Abby. Michael's response? To punch Dante! Michael accuses Dante of being just as corrupt as Ronnie and declares -- much to Jason and Abby's dismay -- that he killed Brandon, not Abby!

Lucky bumps into Maxie at Kelly's where Maxie invites him to join her. She babbles about how the universe rewards people with something good after something bad happens. Maxie thinks Lucky needs some cheering up; maybe he should spend time with Elizabeth and their son. Elizabeth arrives and panics. Maxie urges the former lovers to talk. Lucky is glad he bumped into Elizabeth; he wants to talk to her about Siobhan. Elizabeth knows that if she had let Lucky take the boys to his wedding with Siobhan, Jake would still be alive. Lucky wants Elizabeth to be okay with the fact that he may marry Siobhan to keep her in the country. He admits he will always care about her. Elizabeth wants Lucky to be happy and wishes him the best.

Siobhan finds Luke drinking in his Haunted Star office. She tries once again to jolt him out of his drunken stupor. Luke tries to convince Siobhan to take Lucky to Ireland with her; the kindest thing anyone can do for Lucky right now is to help him break free of his past. Later Siobhan tries to clean up Luke's office as Nikolas arrives. She vents to Nikolas about Luke and hopes that Nikolas can smack some sense into Luke.

Sam is surprised when Luke arrives looking for Jason and a fight. He angrily tells Sam that Jason has no right to judge him when Jason wasn't a father to Jake. He makes himself comfortable as he continues his rant about Jason. If Jason wants to avenge Jake's death, then he will be at the Haunted Star waiting. Luke returns to his office where he finds Nikolas waiting for him. Nikolas orders Luke to shape up and help Lucky, but as long as Luke refuses to admit he has a problem, he isn't helping anyone, including himself. Nikolas leaves and Luke brings out a gun. He slowly unloads it and throws it onto the desk.

Kristina arrives at Sonny's house, surprised that he asked her to come over. He tells her it's okay for her to come over anytime, but Kristina becomes uncomfortable since Brenda doesn't want the kids around. Sonny assures Kristina that his kids are his heart and a man can't be separate from his heart. (Aw!) Later Sam arrives to tell Sonny about Luke's visit. Concerned Sonny visits Luke where he asks Luke what he plans to do with his gun.

Maxie visits Elizabeth to know if Elizabeth told Lucky that he is Aidan's father. Elizabeth admits she couldn't because that would mean Lucky wouldn't go through with his wedding to Siobhan. He would lose her because of Elizabeth. Maxie can't believe it; isn't that what Elizabeth wants? Elizabeth refuses to stand in the way of Lucky's happiness. If that means not telling him the truth, then so be it! Nikolas arrives and eyes Maxie with Elizabeth. Is he interrupting something?


CATV 8 20110425 1400(1)

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Uploaded: April 25, 2011