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thursday April 14, 2011 *Cancelation Of OLTL, & AMC*

At the hospital Steve tries to convince Elizabeth to visit their sister Sarah in California. Elizabeth agrees, but doesn't want to leave until she makes things right with Lucky. When Steve urges Elizabeth to put herself first and give herself time to grieve, Elizabeth says she can't. She blames herself for Jake's death and doesn't blame Lucky for staying away.

At Elizabeth's house Maxie stares at Aidan's paternity results which say that Lucky is Aidan's biological father, not Nikolas. Startled Maxie turns when Lucky enters. She quickly hides the test as she explains to Lucky that she let herself in to give Elizabeth some flowers. Lucky is glad he ran into Maxie and reiterates that Jake died because he enabled his father's alcoholism. Nikolas arrives as Maxie tries to convince Lucky that Jake's death was not his fault. She quickly exits, leaving Nikolas to try to console Lucky, who believes he was the only one who could've stopped Luke from drinking, especially on the night of Jake's death.

Steve visits Lucky out of concern for Elizabeth. He urges Lucky to reach out to Elizabeth, explaining that Elizabeth blames herself for Jake's death. She didn't see him run out the front door. Surprised Lucky insists that Jake's death is his fault; he enabled his dad's drinking all these years. Steve says that Lucky is no more to blame than Elizabeth and asks Lucky to tell Elizabeth that he doesn't blame her. It would make a world of difference to her. Lucky agrees and leaves to find her.

Meanwhile Elizabeth returns home to find Nikolas there. She furtively searches for the Aidan's DNA test and is surprised it's not where she left it. When Elizabeth learns that Maxie stopped by, Elizabeth calls her to come back. Maxie does and immediately gets to the point. She is sorry for Elizabeth's loss, but Lucky is grieving too -- and Elizabeth is lying to him about Aidan!

Tracy finds Luke drinking again at his office in the Haunted Star. She tries to talk to him about re-opening the Haunted Star and his failed attempt to burn it down. Tracy convinces Luke to eat lunch with her; she'll drive! When Luke insists that he drive, Tracy grabs something off of the desk (we're not sure what it is; it looks like a black sock) and throws it at Luke. He reaches out to catch it, but misses. Tracy looks at Luke, clearly implying that Luke's reflexes have been hindered by his drinking. Uh, him driving is not a good idea. Luke tries to make excuses. He throws it back at Tracy, who catches it easily. Tracy then leaves to visit Lucky. When she hears that both Lucky and Elizabeth blame themselves for Jake's death, she snorts. That is ridiculous. Lucky is not to blame and neither is Elizabeth. She urges Lucky to reach out to Luke; Luke is sinking fast! Without Lucky's help, Luke will self-destruct.

Meanwhile Steve stops by Luke's office to ask him to pull himself together so that Lucky can stop worrying about him and help Elizabeth. Right now Lucky is the only one who can reach her.

At Dante's loft Michael is angry at Dante for telling Sonny about Brandon's death. Dante insists he is only trying to help, but Michael refuses to sit back and do nothing especially when he, Jason and Abby are the main suspects. He feels that the legal system is too flawed to help him and wants to accept Johnny's offer to help find Brandon's real killer. Alarmed Dante warns Michael to stay away from Johnny; doesn't Michael realize that Johnny is merely using him to get to Sonny? Michael refuses to believe that and leaves.

Johnny opens his door to Sonny who asks him point blank if Johnny arranged for Brandon's release only to have him murdered in order to frame Michael. Johnny denies it; he blames Sonny for Claudia's death, not Michael, so his grudge is against Sonny, not his son. Sonny dares Johnny to prove that by leaving Michael alone. Later Michael arrives and asks Johnny if he was behind Brandon's murder. Johnny again denies it and reiterates his offer to help Michael; he swears there is nothing in it for him, explaining that he knows what it is like to grow up in the mob. When Michael declines, Johnny reminds him it's an open offer, so Michael can come to him anytime.

Jason returns home to find Sam reading pamphlets about fertility procedures, etc. Sam reveals that Carly offered to be their surrogate and that a child is the only way Jason can heal from Jake's death. Jason thinks that is crazy. Both he and Sam agree that the only way to deal with Jake's death is to mourn, not replace him with another baby. Later Sonny arrives to talk to Jason about Johnny. Jason doesn't believe that Johnny is trying to frame Michael; he thinks Johnny is trying to bring Michael into the business to irk Sonny. And the difficult part is how to stop Michael without looking like a hypocrite?

Later Michael arrives and tells Jason about his talk with Johnny. Jason warns Michael to stay away from Johnny; he thinks Johnny is trying to recruit Michael and he can't let that happen. Defiant Michael announces that he would accept a job from Johnny if Johnny offered. Upset Jason implores Michael to reconsider. The mob may seem great now, but it will significantly cut down on opportunities in Michael's future. Jason cites Jake as an example; he couldn't raise his son because of his life in the mob.

Dante visits Sonny to talk about Michael. Sonny asks Dante to arrest Johnny or do something to shut him down so that Michael won't be tempted to work for Johnny. Dante refuses, saying that Sonny has to deal with the fact that Michael isn't going to live the life that Sonny wants.

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