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Thursday April 7, 2011

Sonny finds Brenda playing with Lucian on the living room floor. Sonny wants to make waffles for Lucian, but Brenda wants to take him to Kelly's. Sonny shakes his head; that's not happening. He sets Lucian up with Max to play remote controlled cars and braces himself to deal with Brenda's wrath. Brenda argues that Sonny undermined her as Sonny reminds her that they have to be mindful of security matters, which means shifting security personnel around and not leaving the house until he does. Brenda gets upset; her son will not be raised by bodyguards like Aleksander was! Sonny reminds her that the best thing Brenda can do is get to know her son.

Lucky is on the phone with Mac as he insists that he is ready to return to work. Nikolas tells Lucky that throwing himself into his work won't lessen the pain of losing Jake. That is the last thing Lucky wants to hear as he admits to think about the past with Jake hurts just as the thought of the future without Jake hurts. Cameron, Aidan and Spencer will grow up, go to college, etc., but there will always be an empty space where Jake is supposed to be. Lucky needs to work or he may dive headfirst into a bottle and never come out. Nikolas makes Lucky to promise to call him if Lucky feels the need to drink.

Carly arrives at Jason's penthouse, happy that Jason called her. Jason doesn't want to talk about Jake or Josslyn, but Carly insists that Jason needs to mourn Jake. Jason knows that, but there are more pressing matters at hand. He tells Carly about Brandon's death and has to prove Michael's innocence by finding the real killer.

Luke wakes up from a hangover to find Jake playing with his toy motorcycle on the table. He happily greets the little boy, but Jake disappears. Later Luke shaves and gets ready to leave when Ethan arrives. Where the hell has Ethan been? In Vegas with Maya! (Anyone else find it suspect that they didn't rush back when they heard about Jake?) Luke is surprised when Ethan doesn't give him any grief over Luke's drinking and hitting Jake. Ethan watches Luke drink and even joins him as he offers to listen if Luke wants to talk. Luke swears to Ethan that he didn't see Jake or feel any impact or hear anything but his music. He also swears he was not drunk, even though Lucky doesn't believe him. Luke waxes poetic about his charmed life, but realizes that his luck ran out the night he hit Jake.

Jason arrives at Sonny's house where Sonny talks about security detail and tells him about Lucian. Jason looks skeptical as Sonny admits he is also suspicious. The problem is Brenda has fallen in love with Lucian.

Carly visits Lucky to tell him that Josslyn is doing great and to thank him for donating Jake's kidney to Josslyn. She admits that although they are cousins, she has never done anything for him, yet he came through for her. If there is anything Lucky needs, please come to her. Lucky apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusions about Carly when he learned she might've hit Jake. Carly gently suggests that reaching out to Luke might lesson Lucky's pain, so Lucky invites Sonny over where he asks Sonny to watch Luke for him.

Later Carly stops by Sonny's place where she finds Brenda with Lucian. She is so shocked when Brenda admits that Lucian is her son that you could knock her over with a feather. When Carly says that Max and Milo are great with kids, Brenda snaps that they are not nannies. Carly thinks Brenda should thank her for exposing her secret at the wedding otherwise Sonny would've been blindsided at the wedding! Brenda glares; she'll tell Sonny that Carly stopped by.

Sam returns to Jason's where she updates him on her search for Brandon's killer. She too is shocked when Jason tells her that Lucian is alive. Jason is determined to keep Lucian safe the way that he couldn't keep Jake safe.

Luke plays roulette alone and chuckles when 13 pops up. He grabs the ball and throws it on the ground along with his glass in frustration. He listens to some music as he remembers driving on the night he hit Jake. Luke pushes some stuff off of the bar and grabs a few bottles of liquor. One by one Luke grabs them and hurls them against the wall as Nikolas walks in.

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