Tuesday April 19, 2011 *Jasam Deside to take chance on having Baby*

At Lucky's apartment Lucky kisses Siobhan and begins to unbutton her cardigan when her purse falls to the floor -- and plane tickets fall out. Lucky picks them up; is Siobhan planning to leave without saying good-bye? Siobhan admits she no longer has a reason to stay in Port Charles now that Theo is dead. Lucky quickly admits he wants Siobhan to stay, but Siobhan immediately lists all the reasons why she shouldn't: It would selfish of her to expect Lucky to go through with a green card marriage, especially since Jake just died. And Elizabeth needs Lucky as well as Luke! However Lucky is determined to quiet Siobhan's fears by telling her that he needs her. He knows Siobhan is skittish because they are getting close and he urges her to stop running.

At the hospital Robin arrives for therapy. She finds Patrick reviewing a patient's chart with Lisa. Patrick quickly excuses himself and joins his wife, noting the irony of the situation. Together Robin and Patrick leave for their appointment.

At Jason's penthouse Sam admits that she wonders if having a baby would fix everything. If they do decide to have a baby -- and that's a big if -- their lives would change forever. Are they ready for that? Jason doesn't want Sam to deny herself a child because she thinks that is what Jason wants. And Sam doesn't want Jason to feel pressured to have a baby. Before Jason can reply, Carly arrives. She sees the tears in Sam's eyes and immediately assumes that Sam and Jason are going to have a baby. Sam becomes overwhelmed -- and slightly annoyed -- by Carly and leaves. Jason shuts Carly up by telling her that Johnny seems to want to recruit Michael in order to give him leverage over Sonny. Carly quickly abandons her baby dreams for Jason and Sam and runs out to give Johnny a piece of her mind. There is no way in hell her son will becomes a mobster.

Johnny visits his father Anthony in jail and has some bad news. The guards wouldn't allow him to give Anthony the requested photos of roses. After Anthony vents about his roses, Anthony asks for an update on Operation Undermine Sonny. Johnny admits that he has been helping Michael out to create some trust. He asks if Anthony is the mastermind behind hiring Angela Dwyer, getting Brandon released and his subsequent murder. Anthony denies it, but is impressed with Johnny's progress. Later, we learn that Anthony lied to Johnny as he calls Angela Dwyer, making it very clear that he is the person who hired her as Brandon's lawyer.

Carly arrives at Johnny's penthouse, furious. If Johnny intends to recruit Michael, he has another thing coming! Johnny is honest when he says he has not extended a job offer to Michael, but if Michael wants a job, Johnny wouldn't say no. He relates to Michael, having also grown up in the mob. Carly seethes, determined to stop Michael from becoming like Sonny.

Sam arrives at the hospital for a follow-up appointment with Patrick. She notices Patrick seems distracted, which prompts Patrick to admit he just finished a marriage counseling session. Patrick declares Sam in great health. Sam asks if she is healthy enough to have a baby. Patrick encourages her to do so; having Emma is the best thing to happen to him and Robin. Sam returns to Jason's where Jason sits her down. What does Sam really want? Sam admits she declined the fertility reconstruction procedure because she thought Jason was conflicted. Jason says that Jake's death taught him that they have to make the most of their life and that means taking advantage of opportunities like this. With tears in her eyes, Sam announces she wants to take a chance; she wants to have the fertility procedure! It looks like Jason and Sam are going to have a baby -- or at least try.

Maxie arrives at the Drake/Scorpio house where Robin is having a little crisis. She confides to Maxie that she realized during her therapy session that she may not be enough for Patrick. Patrick shouldn't have to work this hard to stay married to her! Maxie thinks that is nonsense as Robin struggles with her insecurity. Later Patrick returns home where he and Robin talk about their session. Robin bursts into tears and Patrick makes a few jokes to lighten the mood. Later as they snuggle on the couch, Patrick tells Robin that their usual babysitter, Stephanie, got an internship in New York and won't be able to watch Emma anymore. He suggests they ask Kristina and Robin agrees.

Back at the hospital Lisa pockets some hydrocodone and puts the pills into a bottle labeled "Herbal Stress Remedy." She gives it to Kristina who arrives at the hospital looking for Lisa. Kristina admits she is under a lot of pressure and Lisa happily gives her the bottle of mislabeled pills.

What has Kristina so upset? After ditching Taylor, she asks Ethan to be her prom date. Ethan is flattered, but feels it's highly inappropriate for Kristina to attend the prom with a married man -- not to mention Ethan is way too old to be hanging out with a bunch of teenagers.

Elizabeth freezes when she returns to her living room with some wine for herself and Nikolas. She sees Aidan's paternity test results in Nikolas's hands and tries to explain, but Nikolas cuts her off. He assumes that Jake's death stirred up unresolved feelings in Elizabeth about Aidan's paternity and she wanted to look at the old test. Elizabeth realizes that Nikolas didn't open the envelope, therefore he has no idea that he is holding the new results that say Lucky is Aidan's father. Instead of telling Nikolas the truth, she plays along with him and admits that she still loves Lucky. Nikolas accepts this rather gracefully and leaves.


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