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Wednesday April 13, 2011

Max is telling Sonny what a great kid Lucian is when Diane arrives. Sonny wants Diane to ensure that Brenda has full custody of Lucian, but he avoids any mention of his legal ties to the child. Diane knows Sonny doesn't want any more kids and actually dares Sonny to say it. Naturally Sonny can't because guess what—he doesn't want any more kids!

Olivia brings some comfort food to Dante, who admits he believes Johnny is trying to use Michael to wage a mob war against Sonny via framing Michael for Brandon's death. Olivia urges Dante to tell Sonny—not as a cop, but as a brother and a son. So Dante goes to Sonny, where he is shocked to learn that Lucian is alive. Sonny admits that he wants to support Brenda, but he wasn't ready to be a "father" again. He can barely deal with the kids he has! Dante takes this opportunity to tell Sonny about Michael, Brandon's death and Johnny's possible involvement. Naturally Sonny doesn't take this news very well and vows to shut Johnny down if he is behind Brandon's death.

Michael arrives at Johnny's penthouse; he would like to accept Johnny's offer of help. Can he question the folks at Vaughn's to see if they saw anything the night Brandon died? Johnny shakes his head; he can't let Michael do that. It will only make him look guilty. The best thing for Michael to do is lay low. Michael realizes Johnny is right and leaves.

Elizabeth is looking at the results of Aidan's paternity test when Nikolas arrives. She announces she has something to talk to him about…She admits it's been hard to move on, but knows she needs to for Aidan and Cameron. Elizabeth would like to help Lucky and Nikolas admits this tragedy has made him and Lucky closer than ever. He vows to do whatever it takes to support Lucky. Elizabeth looks uneasy, obviously thinking of Aidan's paternity test.

At Kelly's Lulu thanks Maxie for covering for her at work. Maxie inquires about Lulu and her family. Lulu sighs; she doesn't know how to help Lucky. Maybe she should ask Elizabeth. Maxie snaps, saying that would be the worst idea ever. Later Maxie confides in Matt how much she has always despised Elizabeth, yet she feels for her during this time. In a rare moment of compassion Maxie delivers flowers to Elizabeth's house, but finds Aidan's paternity test instead. She gasps when she sees that Lucky is Aidan's father, not Nikolas!

Olivia meets with Steve at Kelly's where she pretty much orders him to go on a picnic date with her. She will bring the food; he supplies the music. Steve realizes Olivia is trying to do something nice for him and accepts, but he has to do something at the hospital first. Steve returns to the hospital where he finds Elizabeth ready to return to work. He stops her, saying it's too soon. In fact he talked with their sister Sarah. Both he and Sarah think that it would be good for Elizabeth to get out of town and stay with Sarah. Elizabeth agrees, but she has to do something first…

Dante returns home where Lulu is leaving a message for Lucky. Lulu updates him on the most recent events with Luke and Lucky. Dante shares his conversation with Sonny and his suspicions about Johnny framing Michael for Brandon's murder. Lulu doubts that; Johnny is messed up, but Johnny wouldn't hurt Michael. Dante wonders if there is another angle to this; what is Johnny got Brandon an expensive lawyer in order to get Brandon released so he could kill Brandon. Maybe Johnny is protecting Michael…

Michael visits Sonny where Sonny wants to talk about Abby and Brandon. Michael swears he didn't do it and gets frustrated when Sonny reveals that Johnny's helpful attitude may be a means to frame Michael—and to get to Sonny. Sonny advises Michael to refuse what Johnny is selling. Later Michael returns to Dante's loft where he angrily reminds Dante that he is old enough to make his own decisions. Why did Dante go to Dad about Johnny? Dante orders Michael to stop talking to Johnny, but Michael refuses to sit around and do nothing.

Olivia bumps into Johnny outside of Kelly's and warns him that he better not be messing with Michael. If he is, he better stop. She knows Johnny is up to something, but she refuses to believe he would do anything to intentionally hurt Michael. Later Johnny is on the phone with his dad Anthony when Sonny arrives. Sonny confronts Johnny; is he trying to frame Michael for Brandon's death?


CATV 8 20110413 1400(15)

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Uploaded: April 13, 2011