Wednesday April 20, 2011 *Sonny Birthday Today*

Kristina, Dante, Morgan and Michael arrive at Kelly's. Molly sent them a text; what is going on? Molly arrives and announces what she has to say is important to their family. We don't hear what is so crucial, but Kristina, Morgan and Michael agree to some plan. When Dante balks, the kids gang up on him to convince him to help. Dante sighs; who can resist those cute little faces?

Abby arrives at the mob restaurant where Sonny makes pleasant small talk -- and asks Abby to help him keep Michael away from Johnny. When Abby admits that Johnny has been nice to her and Michael, Sonny becomes troubled. He doesn't want Michael to work for Johnny; he wants better for his son. How about Sonny offer Abby a job at the restaurant and she gives him updates on Michael? As Abby smartly declines, Michael arrives. They return to Abby's apartment where Abby reluctantly tells him about her conversation with Sonny. Naturally Michael feels this is a sign of Sonny's lack of faith, not concern.

At the hospital Carly and Jax celebrate Josslyn's impending release. Carly knows Jax is considering entering a prestigious yacht race. Now that Josslyn is better, why doesn't Jax enter and take Michael? Jax is immediately suspicious, so Carly explains that she needs to get Michael away from Johnny before Johnny offers Michael a job. Furious Jax points out that this wouldn't even be an issue if Carly had cut Sonny and Jason out of their life when he asked.

Carly heads to the mob restaurant where she asks Sonny to stay out of the Michael/Johnny situation. If he talks to Michael, Michael will do the opposite of what Sonny wants because he will feel the need to prove something. Sonny disagrees and insists on dealing with Michael his way.

At the hospital Robin asks Patrick for his consult on a patient. He doesn't want to tell Robin that he thinks her medical protocol is a waste of time, but Robin insists that he cut the crap. This isn't marriage counseling! Patrick is finally honest with Robin and they playfully spar. They also agree that hiring Kristina to watch Emma is a great idea. Later Kristina arrives and Robin and Patrick offer her a baby-sitting job as Lisa listens happily.

Alexis approaches Lisa and to her surprise, thanks Lisa for helping Kristina with Kristina's anxiety over the college application process. Alexis then goes to visit Josslyn where she startles Jax. Jax vents about Carly and asks Alexis for her help in securing full custody for Josslyn.

Shawn arrives at Pentonville to visit Anthony, who offers Shawn a job. Shawn declines, saying he had enough of the crazy with Theo. (Hee.) Later Johnny arrives and Anthony asks him to talk to the warden for him; convince him to let Anthony have a garden! Anthony also urges Johnny to win Michael's trust -- don't forget to follow up by getting leverage on the boy! Johnny then heads home where he finds Lisa waiting for him with champagne. He eyes her; what is going on? Lisa announces she is done with Patrick and Robin. And she would like to thank Johnny with some kisses and then some.

Molly bumps into Shawn at Kelly's where they warmly greet each other with a hug. Molly asks if she can interview Shawn about his experience in Afghanistan for a school project. When Shawn declines, Molly realizes how uncomfortable he is and urges him to talk to a therapist. Dante arrives and later warns Molly against her new friend. Shawn heads to the hospital to guard Josslyn where Jax attempts to fire him, but Shawn reminds him that he works for Jason. Jax insists that he has the resources to pay for his own protection; he wants Shawn gone today!

Sonny leaves his office to find his kids, niece and the mothers of his children with confetti, noisemakers and a cake. Surprise and happy birthday! Hm, where is Brenda? Well, she is at home with her new little boy. Molly upsets everyone when she explains they couldn't have the party at the house because Brenda didn't want them to overwhelm Lucian. Awkward!


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