Wednesday April 27, 2011

Lulu and Ethan arrive at Lucky's apartment where Lucky announces he wants to hold an intervention for Luke. Ethan is on board, but Lulu is not. She doesn't believe this will help Luke.

Tracy bursts into Luke's office to take him to lunch, but curses under her breath when she realizes he is gone. Nikolas arrives, not surprised that Luke is gone. He tells Tracy that Lucky wants to stage an intervention, but Tracy thinks it's too late. They head to Lucky's where Lucky and Lulu are knee-deep in an argument about Luke. Lulu says that addiction is Lucky's problem, not Luke's, and storms out.

Elizabeth finds Luke outside of her house. She asks why he was standing where Jake got hit. Luke corrects her; she means where he hit Jake. Elizabeth tells Luke that Jake's death was an accident and asks him to forgive himself. However Luke can't help but relive that night. He thinks the best way he can help Lucky is to disappear. Luke then urges Elizabeth to allow Lucky to move on. Elizabeth nods; all she wants is for Lucky to be happy, but admits it's hard to let him go.

Ethan finds Kristina studying at Kelly's. He tells her about Lucky's idea to hold an intervention for Luke. Kristina assures him that he will be able to help Luke. After Ethan leaves, Kristina pops another of Lisa's pills, not realizing they are deadly drugs instead of herbal supplements.

Lulu runs into Luke's office to look for him. Tracy follows and says that Luke is gone, but Lucky is right to hold an intervention. She admits she was wrong to let Luke drink so much. Lulu insists that Lucky wants to make Luke's drinking into the scapegoat for Jake's death. She vents that she can't believe Ethan agreed to the intervention. Tracy says that if they do nothing, they could lose Luke. Lulu's face crumbles; if she admits that Luke is an alcoholic, then that means Jake died because of Luke's negligence.

Luke enters Jake's where Siobhan serves him a drink. He rambles about visiting far flung lands and a charming story of the time he lost Lucky in Istanbul, leaving the poor boy to make his way across the country alone in seven hours. Luke brags to Siobhan; see, no matter what Lucky will find his way. While Luke heads to the little boys' room, Siobhan calls Lucky. His dad is here!

At Lucky's apartment Lucky beats himself up for not helping Luke sooner. Nikolas urges Lucky to take a step back and listens sympathetically as Lucky worries that he may have lost Luke forever. When he gets call from Siobhan, he quickly calls Ethan to ask him to meet him at Jake's.

Ethan arrives at Jake's where he feigns surprise upon finding Luke there. Luke takes a sip of his drink, but soon passes out, slowly dropping his head onto the bar. Lucky pops out of his hiding place and Ethan looks at him. Is this how an intervention is supposed to begin? Lucky grabs his now unconscious dad. Yep, this is how you do a Spencer intervention!

Robin visits Brenda and listens as Brenda gushes about her long lost son Lucian. She complains that Sonny doesn't seem as smitten as she is and wonders how she can get them to bond. Robin suggests a DNA test; once Sonny learns that Lucian is really Brenda's, he will attempt to bond with the boy. Right now Sonny is probably keeping his distance because he doesn't trust Suzanne's word that Lucian is Brenda's. Brenda agrees and allows Robin to set up a DNA test, which she foolishly reveals to Suzanne when Suzanne comes over to visit.

At the hospital Patrick is impressed with something Lisa did for a patient and thanks her. Lisa becomes uncomfortable and reminds Patrick that she is over him. He is now just a guy she works with. Hm, Lisa talks a good game, but we all know she is still in love with Patrick. Later she finds Kristina at Kelly's where Kristina thanks her for the supplements. Lisa is glad, saying someday she might need a favor in return. Meanwhile Robin arrives at the hospital with good news for Patrick. Hey, Kristina agreed to babysit Emma for the month of May! Let's hope Kristina will stop taking those faux supplements by then.


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