Friday April 27, 2012

While Matt informs Patrick that Spinelli suspects him of having killed Lisa Niles, Spinelli tells Elizabeth that he's arrived at an alternate throy: Matt did it. Meanwhile, Mac and Alexis try in vain to get Maxie to change her mind about her confession.

Later, Elizabeth is shocked to discover Ewen unconscious and bleeding in his office.

Mac despairs to Anna that he can't change Maxie's mind, when they get a surprise visitor: Felicia! At the same time, Spinelli tells Maxie his suspicions about Matt -- could it be that he's right?

Returning from Memphis, Dante is troubled he is unable to reach Lulu. After talking to Luke, who tells him that Lulu had begun to suspect Ronnie of the crimes, Dante confronts his old partner.

Meanwhile, Luke gets nervous when Tracy drops hints she is taking matters into her own hands. So he rushes over to the Quartermaines' to stop her from "killing" Anthony.


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