Monday April 2, 2012 *Heather Webber appears*

Sam finds Heather Webber in a mental institution and determines that Heather was, indeed, present at Jason's birth. Heather refuses to give Sam any information until Sam agrees to pass a letter to her son, Steve. Sam agrees, and Sam is stunned by Heather's claims of Jason's past.

Meanwhile, Steve catches Olivia up on his crazy mother, Heather.

It turns out John McBain and Anna Scorpio worked together at the FBI, and they discuss his past history with Sonny Corinthos as well as how close he was with Cole before he died. Elsewhere, Starr and Michael get to know one another despite their family odds, and later, Jason arrives outside of Michael's apartment.

Maxie assumes Patrick is anxious to see her pay for Robin's death, but to the contrary, Patrick hopes to alleviate her guilt. However, Maxie still shocks everyone and pleads guilty. Meanwhile, Jason urges Spinelli to find Lisa Niles' real murderer if he wants to save Maxie from herself.


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