Thursday April 12, 2012 *Jasam baby sonogram today*

Sonny is not pleased Michael has befriended Starr. At the trial, the D.A. makes a convincing case, but Alexis waves it off as circumstantial. Dante, Carly, Johnny, Tracy, Michael, and Starr provide testimony.

Carly and Johnny discuss their conflicting interests in Sonny's trial. Later, Kate takes the stand and introduces herself as Connie.

Jason surprises Sam as she awaits the paternity test. He sticks around for an untrasound, but after he leaves, Dr. Lee secretly promises Sam to rush the results. Later, Sam runs into Heather Webber.

Steve and Heather get a meal as she waxes poetic about her past just as Luke and Anna arrive.

Meanwhile, Olivia implores Ewen for help with a "crazy relative." Later, Tracy sees Luke and Anna getting closer


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