Tuesday April 3, 2012 *Sam finds out Jason and Franco are twins*

. Sam learns all the sordid details of Jason's birth from Heather: Susan Moore had twin babies, not just Jason. She eventually comes to a stunning realization.

Anna warns John McBain that he is in danger of losing objectivity in his case against Sonny given their past. Later, Luke meets John McBain, tweaked he may have to "share" Anna with him.
Meanwhile, Michael hides Starr from Jason, and when Sonny arrives, Starr is even more resolved to get revenge on Sonny.

Kate demands Ewen hypnotize her again, hoping Connie will admit to planting the gun in Kate's office, but instead Connie flees the session and hits on Steve.

Olivia asks Sonny for help in handling Steve's "Johnny problem." Later, Johnny and Carly "go public" at the Metrocourt Hotel and lord their relationship over Sonny and Olivia.


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