wednesday April 25, 2012

Johnny tries to explain to Carly that sleeping with "Kate" didn't mean anything, but Carly leaves angry after Connie pre-empts Johnny from telling the truth. Kate regains control, horrified, and goes off on Johnny.

Meanwhile, Sonny sets fire to his memories of Kate. Later, Carly stops by and suggests fighting fire with fire -- and they kiss.

Heather overhears Olivia telling Dante the details of Steve's murder charges ... and we end up seeing her wheels turning in treachery. Meanwhile, Dante wonders why Lulu never made it in person to Sonny's birthday party.

Elizabeth urges Jason to talk openly with Sam about McBain and his issues with raising Franco's baby. Meanwhile, Sam finds herself confiding in a comforting McBain.


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Uploaded: April 25, 2012