Wednesday April 4, 2012 *Steve Gives the okay to release His mom*

With Anna's help, John McBain is able to get around Sonny's restraining order. Later, Anna quizzes Olivia on her cousin Kate ... and her past as Connie.

A disturbed Sam returns home only to find Jason not there. She goes to her mom's, but Alexis needs to rush out to Maxie's hearing. Alone, Sam opens the door to find an unlikely source of sympathetic understanding in John McBain.

Jason incurs Connie's wrath when he pushes Kate on the matter of the gun. Meanwhile, Sonny tells a frustrated Alexis there is no way she can implicate Kate.

Spinelli asks Lulu for her help in exonerating Maxie, and she looks the other way while he swipes the Lisa Niles murder file.

Dante's suspicions about Delores's husband grow even stronger after an odd geographical coincidence places him at the latest crime scene. Lulu has a solution.

Heather guilts Steve into helping her get released from Ferncliff.


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