Wednesday August 19, 2009[Jason Tells Sam he Loves her]

Sam and Jason remain hidden from Jerry. Jason becomes delirious as he spikes a fever and thinks he and Sam are back in Hawaii together. Sam declares her love to Jason but he's too out of it to comprehend.

Alexis admits to Sonny that she's taking the blame for Kristina. Spinelli manages to trace Michael and Kristina's email to Cancun but decides not to reveal their location to their parents after hearing Jax and Sonny argue about who should go after them.

Nikolas and Elizabeth pull back from their kiss before Lucky catches them. Elizabeth remains on edge after returning home with Lucky. Molly tells Nikolas what's going on with Alexis and asks for his help.

Andrea confronts Robin, who holds back from coming out and accusing her of murder. Patrick reminds Robin that Andrea is both dangerous and calculating. Andrea makes an excuse to check Robin's schedule at the hospital.

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