Tuesday August 3, 2010

Jason, Dante and Spinelli search for clues regarding Franco and Aiden. Sam overhears Lulu venting about the risks Dante faces by teaming up with Jason. Sam presses for a final night of romance with Jason. Michael interrupts Lulu and Dante getting romantic.

Claire eggs Sonny on about the incriminating photographs, but Sonny remains flirtatious and seductive. Carly explains to Johnny that she feels betrayed by both Dante and Sonny, but before they can come to any kind of an agreement, Olivia shows up, and she and Carly face off. Later, Sonny and Carly spar about Johnny.

Robin shows Patrick the mutilated photos. Shaken, Patrick demands an explanation from Lisa, who denies culpability and attacks the couple for their accusations.

Tracy visits Ethan, genuinely concerned for his well being after the hospital shooting. She offers a room at the Quartermaine home for his recovery.