Monday August 1, 2011

In the alley Lucky is injected with heroin and a mess of other nasty drugs. As he struggles, his former dealer JT tells him to relax. Enjoy the ride! Lucky sinks back as he begins to hallucinate. First he sees Ethan, who tells him that kids are paying for his mistakes. Then Lucky sees a seductive Maxie, who says she can give him more pills, but there is a price to pay. Lucky blinks and hears the sound of squeaky wheels. He turns to see Jake riding a tricycle. Hi, Daddy! As Jake pedals away, Lucky hears Jason's accusatory voice. Lucky was supposed to protect Jake, but now Jake is dead! The next hallucination is Siobhan who tells Lucky that she was never his wife because he still loves Elizabeth. Elizabeth is in his system, just like the drugs, and she is the most dangerous drug of them all.

Meanwhile Ethan arrives at Lucky's apartment to find spots of blood on the floor. Worried he snoops around and scares poor Siobhan, who explains she had a bloody nose. She admits she hasn't had one since she was a child and thinks it is because of the heat and humidity. Ethan reveals he came looking for Lucky and that he is worried about him. Siobhan hides her worry behind jealousy; the last time she saw him, he was hugging Elizabeth. Siobhan realizes she is being silly; she knows that if she keeps hounding Lucky, she will drive him back into Elizabeth's arms. After Ethan leaves, Siobhan checks her voice mail and finds Lucky's apologetic message.

Matt approaches Elizabeth at Kelly's where he flirtatiously offers to buy Elizabeth a muffin and chats about his relationship with Maxie. She didn't come home last night. Elizabeth flirts back with Matt, but makes it clear that it is hard for her to feel sympathy for Maxie, who got Lucky hooked on painkillers and ruined her marriage. If Maxie is in trouble, it's because she is a trouble magnet, not because of something Spinelli did. Matt tries to brush Elizabeth's words off, but you can tell he is seriously beginning to worry about Maxie.

Meanwhile Maxie and Spinelli are still stuck in the sewer. Maxie is frustrated that Spinelli is still acting as his alter ego, Jackal, and bursts into tears. She can't believe Matt doesn't have the entire police force looking for her, but Spinelli says that Matt isn't that into her. And neither was that Spinelli guy that Maxie keeps yammering about. Maxie insists that Spinelli loved her and pleads with him to remember how to use the computer to get them out of there. Spinelli says he will as soon as Maxie admits she wants him. But the laptop dies, leaving Maxie more frustrated than ever. Luckily the gates open and they escape before the tunnels are flooded with waste. Maxie spies Sam's ring and plunges her hand into the muck as they run.

Carly arrives at the mob restaurant clearly unhappy with Jason. She "congratulates" Jason and Sam, but takes offense when Sam says that Carly is going to have to respect their boundaries. Carly can't come over whenever she has a problem, etc. Hurt Carly turns to Jason, who says this isn't about Carly being Number 2, but making Sam his priority. Sam wants to know why Carly has a problem with their engagement when she was rooting for them to have a baby. Carly selfishly explains a baby was about Jason healing over Jake's death, but marriage to Sam means Jason has less time for her. Jason asks Carly to compromise, which Carly clearly isn't willing to do. Carly weakly promises to give Jason some space and leaves, not realizing a mystery person is following her. After Carly leaves, Maxie and Spinelli arrive. Maxie asks Spinelli to wait for her outside of the office as she goes in to tell Jason and Sam that she found the ring, but she needs to clean it up first. She makes Jason swear to give her a favor in return before she goes to get Spinelli, who has left.

Carly is outside of Kelly's when she hears someone behind her. She turns and recognizes the person. You!

Lucky continues to hallucinate, hearing both Siobhan and Elizabeth's voices. The real Elizabeth arrives and gently helps Lucky to sit on a crate. Worried she asks what happened to him as Lucky pants and struggles to breathe. Elizabeth cradles Lucky's face and tells him that everything will be all right.



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Uploaded: August 01, 2011